Welcome to your Zendesk Online Helpdesk - Launch Preparation

So, you have just signed up for your Zendesk online helpdesk; what next?

Launch Preparation

Before your online helpdesk will operate efficiently and look smart, you will need to consider the following aspects that need to be setup.

  • Customisation and Branding - To make your helpdesk look like your helpdesk
  • Triggers - to enable the mail notifications that tell your clients and agents about changes on support requests. These fire only on a ticket update of some sort.
  • Automations - for time or value based automations, commonly used for ticket elevation, time based changes
  • Macros - these will be one of the most effective parts of your helpdesk, pre-written and formatted solutions to common issues, recurring comments etc.
  • Agent Setup - Automatic signatures, permissions (Managers etc)
  • Groups - The different departments or support networks in your business
  • Workflow - How will your support process work?  Which support portals will you focus on?
  • Knowledge Base - Who is responsible for generating Knowledge Base content?
This is not a complete list of what is needed for setting up your online helpdesk, but gives a basic outline to get you started.

For assistance in setting up your Zendesk Online Helpdesk, please open a support request.


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